With the world starting to open back up post Covid19 – and probably going to go through phases of shutting down (maybe in pockets this time) and opening up again – the reality is that we are going to have to re-think some of the ways we do things from here on in. We need to get to the ‘new normal’.

One of the most pressing concerns is how we get people back to work safely.

Salesforce, as you may have witnessed, have not been slow at rising to the challenge and a month or so ago announced the launch of Work.com.

  • The Work.com Command Center:
  • Monitor return-to-work readiness, assess employee wellness, and streamline shift management to reopen safely and protect the health of employees.

  • Contact Tracing:
  • Manually track health-related interactions to safety and securely minimize the spread of COVID-19.

  • Emergency Response Management:
  • Allocate health, public sector, or private sector resources and services with more speed and efficacy.

  • Employee Wellness:
  • Stay connected to employees and customers and make data-driven decisions with Salesforce Care.

  • Shift Management:
  • Regulate workplace density with the shift management solution, allowing you to manage social distancing by avoiding assembling large groups in the office, the lift or communal spaces.

  • myTrailhead for Employees:
  • Upskill your workforce to meet new business demands with myTrailhead for employees.

  • Volunteer & Grants Management:
  • Meet your organisation’s relief goals with this scalable solution to coordinate volunteers and streamline grant-making processes.

  • Reopen your community and business with safety as a top priority:
  • Expert advice and trusted data from our Tableau COVID-19 Data Hub to guide fast decision-making.

    Getting past GO

    Salesforce categorise the journey ahead of us as;

  • Stabilize;
  • Mitigate short term risks and stabilize operations.

  • Re-open;
  • Plan and orchestrate how to re-open the workplace

  • Grow:
  • Accelerate change to grow to the new normal.

    Recently Salesforce published a playbook to help organisations organise themselves to get back to work. This looks beyond the technology and at the management needed to add the the detail to the framework of stabilise, reopen and grow, It is an insightful and comprehensive study of what we are facing and how we should be responding.

    The next weeks, months and probably years are going to be shaped both by the pandemic itself and by the actions we take as a consequence of its threat. The reaction of both government organisations and businesses will determine the speed at which we reach the new normal.

    If you would like to know more about how Work.com can help you on your journey, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Westbrook and we will be happy to take the time to explain how your organisation can start the journey to the new normal.





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