Westbrook: Transforming Field Service Management through Innovative Partnerships

London 1 March 2022

Westbrook announces strategic alliance with ByBox, the global leader in Field Service Inventory Solutions

Westbrook, the renowned Salesforce Field Service Management implementation partner, today announced a strategic partnership with ByBox, the global leader in inventory management and related solutions for Field Service logistics.

The Westbrook Field Service Management programme partners with organisations who offer unique and transformational capabilities. ByBox, headquartered in the UK and operating in sixteen countries, delivering over thirty million items a year to forward stocking locations with 99.7 % on time performance, is the standout company in its market offering a combination of software, hardware and expertise for field service inventory distribution and reverse logistic.

Poor visibility of spare parts inventory can lead to businesses losing control of the ‘last mile’ of their supply chain which results in missing parts, delayed jobs, increased costs, broken service level agreements, and fractured customer relationships.

ByBox Edge 3 delivers advanced real time analytics capabilities which dramatically improve operational efficiency, turning field service inventory management into a strategic business advantage. ByBox has built a network of secure lockers across twenty-two countries. In the UK alone ByBox has over 1,400 sites supporting over 40,000 lockers, enabling a final mile supply chain that is unrivalled in Field Service logistics.

Salesforce Field Service combined with ByBox and their Edge3 application delivers total visibility of the supply chain, less drive time, more calls per shift and reduced carbon emissions from wasted trips.

Ambrose McGinn, Westbrook’s CEO commented:

Chief Executive Officer - Ambrose McGinn

“We have been at the forefront of delivering innovative Field Service solutions on the Salesforce platform for many years. With ByBox as a strategic partner we can now offer industry leading logistics solutions, efficiencies and savings that transform our client’s field service performance. Partnering with ByBox, a recognised global leader in this market, is a natural extension of our capability.”

Arun Prabhu, CTO, ByBox commented:

“As we modernise field inventory management, we remain focused on the value that we can deliver for our customers. Building a strong ecosystem of like minded partners is key to unlocking value and to realising it quickly. Partnering with Westbrook, experts in Salesforce implementations, is an important step in our growth.”

About Westbrook International Ltd:

Westbrook is a highly regarded Consulting and Implementation Partner to Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world’s #1 CRM company. Salesforce Ventures is an active investor in Westbrook International Ltd.

Westbrook’s mission is to deliver outstanding Salesforce consulting, implementation & support services that transform our clients’ business performance. We are vibrant & innovative, defined by our clients, our people, and our partners.

If you would like to know more about how Westbrook can deliver transformational field service performance, please contact marketing@westbrook.co.uk.

For further information please contact marketing@westbrook.co.uk.

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