Transformational Field Service Management

Managing Field Service is a complex task – a delicate balancing act of juggling logistics, meeting customer expectations and managing the cost of operations to remain profitable and primed for growth.

Digital Field Service Management (FSM) solutions have made the management of field service more efficient than ever before. And yet there are two critical elements of the overall product mix that, until now, have suffered; the agents (technicians ) and assets (components) in the field.

Recognising this, Westbrook now brings innovation through partnership to the Field Service domain, designing and delivering transformational solutions with key complimentary organisations:

  • Salesforce provides a 360-degree view of the customer
  • ServiceMax enables a 360-degree view of the asset
  • ByBox deliver a step-change in service performance
  • Lower costs of service
  • More efficient service
  • Reducing carbon emissions

Westbrook is a partner that can help you anticipate the changing factors impacting your business, with an extensive history of implementing complex and transformational projects.

Join our webinar to hear directly from our partners how bringing Salesforce, ServiceMax and ByBox together can deliver the opportunity for transformational service performance:

  • Contract Profitability
  • Service efficiency
  • Service effectiveness

Innovation through Partnership

Westbrook has developed a solution marrying Salesforce and ServiceMax Asset360 with ByBox, which automates scheduling and simultaneous ordering of spare parts or inventory and catapults it into the future.

Watch now to hear how this innovative partnership compliment the Salesforce solution leading to the best in class end to end Field Service Management solution.

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