The drivers of change in the transportation industry (pre-pandemic) were undisputedly:

1. The green agenda
2. The customer agenda
3. Business efficiency and effectiveness

Combining these three challenges amounted to a significant challenge for executive leaders who struggled to not only form a vision to achieve the new requirements, but manage the changes needed to achieve that vision. The most successful leaders have recognized the importance of Digital Transformation at the heart of their programmes.

Covid-19 has demanded that the Transport sector apply even more skill and understanding about how to instigate ongoing changes to regulations and the global supply chain impact.

  • Customer Servicing and Knowing your Customer (KYC) will be a key determinant of business success as face to face human interaction is reduced in the near to mid-term
  • Customer Value needs to be better understood, incorporating both the product and the service promise.
  • Customer Experience is rapidly becoming the key differentiator.

Westbrook Wisdom has invited two industry authorities to join our next virtual roundtable discussion to discuss the primary challenges shaping the sector.

  • Des Evans earned his motor industry expertise as Chief Executive at MAN Trucks, the third largest commercial vehicle company worldwide, and was awarded an OBE for his services to industry. Des is acutely aware not only of the green and customer agendas, but also how the digital revolution is delivering a step change in efficiency and effectiveness across his industry.
  • Tim Mister is Managing Director of the SA Group, experts in delivering change for international and national businesses. SA Group was integral to the large change programme at MAN Trucks which moved them from sixth to third in the motor industry in terms of Customer Service in just 18 months.

Please join us at 11.00am on the 12th November when Des and Tim will be in discussion with Michael Conner and will offer some critical insight into what drives transportation industry leaders to commit to change and how they go about delivering success.

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