How many times in the last 10 years have we heard the cry that the Registered Provider (RP) sector, including Housing Associations (HA), is gearing up for transformation?

Today’s change agenda is being driven partly by a new political, regulatory and economic context and partly by the likely new business demands and digital technology opportunities.

The Social Housing Regulator estimates that private registered providers manage around 2.8 million homes, with a turnover of around £20 billion and annual surpluses north of £2 billion. It further observes that RP’s risk management must be appropriate to the scale, importance and long-term nature of their business. RP Boards have been warned – their future is littered with risk, and they stand responsible for ensuring the proper management of that risk.

The economic reality for many Association’s Boards means that they will have to set a fresh path, developing a radical business model for their organisations to realise their commitment to providing affordable housing and investing in communities. In doing so, the question remains; have they invested sufficient in their infrastructure to make this a reality? If not, the future risks may be significant.

In developing a 2020 vision sustainable for the future, Housing Associations must focus on these challenges. They may have to operate in a very different form to the established norm. The data challenge driven by multiple strategic issues and, in part, fuelled by the digital agenda looms large and is here to stay.

As part of the Westbrook Wisdom series of roundtables, we have invited Chris Lyons, Ex-Chairman of Ashley House plc and London Strategic Housing, Deputy Chairman of the Network Housing Group, to discuss what these challenges mean in the Housing sector.

Chris, together with Michael Conner. Chief Commercial Officer at Westbrook will discuss the Political, Economic, Social and Technological drivers that are shaping the future on Thursday 29th October.

To join them on the roundtable, please register below.

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