Salesforce Systems Integration

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At Westbrook, we take pride in our knowledge of integration and the connectivity of our systems.

Whether you’re migrating from Siebel, Dynamics or SQL servers, integrating to SAP or connecting custom apps, our team has proven expertise in integration.

Already using Salesforce? We also specialise in the consolidation, separation and migration of Salesforce instances.

Through our Data and Integration Centre of Excellence, all consultants are trained in these disciplines to deliver the highest standards.

Integration Approaches

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Cloud Integration Middleware

Cloud Integration Middleware allows you to link two systems quickly & effectively, by using an integration platform that offers a pay-as-you-go service model.

Common Cloud integration middleware platforms offer data transformation but may not be the ideal approach is you require complex data transfer processes.

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On-Premise Integration Middleware

On-premise integration middleware is ideal for implementing a data strategy & standardised methodology, often used in business environments where there are strict data constraints.

On-premise Middleware can manage complex integration requirements in real-time, but require IT resources to support & maintain the Server.

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Custom Webservice Integration

Custom Webservice Integration is ideal for creating real-time data communication between multiple systems, that can support complex or unique data transformations.

Custom Webservice integration requires experienced technical capability & requires a detailed review of system architecture before implementation to ensure the optimum approach.

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Custom Scripted Integration

Custom Scripted Integration uses free tools to integrate data in daily batches using a CSV format. Integration scripts create a fixed file format that can be used to update each connected system.

This approach is ideal for integrations that are not time critical and can be a low-cost approach as it does not incur ongoing license fees.

Steamline System Landscapes

We understand that there are many different ways to run Salesforce within a medium to large business.

Many clients prefer separate divisions operating tailored Salesforce instances and applications, while others specify a single, comprehensive system.

Westbrook can make sure that no matter what you require from Salesforce, you can communicate and share vital real-time information across your business.

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Salesforce Instances

There are many reasons that an organisation may need to separate instances of Salesforce – most commonly to allow a department or subsidiary more independent business processes.

Our team have experience in migrating business units to their own instances while maintaining a seamless transition for users & customers.

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Consolidating Salesforce Instances

Consolidating Salesforce instances allows improved visibility across an organisation’s departments & greater unification of business data and processes.

Our team have experience consolidating business units into a single instance, as well as supporting the change with business process consulting & user adoption training.

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Salesforce Instances

With different business units using their own instances of Salesforce, information can still be passed between instances quickly & effectively with the Salesforce to Salesforce connector.

Our team build solutions that provide a 360-degree view across your organisation, automating the transfer of data between departments.

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Custom Application Integration

We work with the App Cloud & Heroku to build applications that unlock the power of your data – capturing insights that drive customer engagement, employee productivity & management decisions.

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Salesforce API Integration

Our team are skilled at integrating Salesforce to other front & back of house systems via API.

Using Salesforce as your master data system, all your business data can be directly connected to customers & their accounts, putting your customers at the heart of your business model.

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Our team have proven experience in complex multi-directional integrations that span multiple systems.

To monitor data transfer across your systems, we build powerful tools that provide visibility into your data flow – with error checking & alerts to ensure reliability.


We worked with Paysafe to create an integration to screen their entire database for KYC compliance.

Our team completed the project a day ahead of schedule – despite taking place during a large scale migration to a new data centre – and was praised as ‘the fastest integration LexisNexis had ever seen’.

Cross Platform Integration

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Not running your whole business on Salesforce?

Enterprise cloud computing allows businesses to consolidate all of their IT processes into a single, integrated system.

If your business uses platforms other than Salesforce, we’ll make sure the relevant information gets to the right system – no matter where it originates.



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