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Transform your data into actionable insights with Westbrook's Salesforce Analytics Cloud integrations. With our seamless integration of data from any source, you can have a holistic view of your business in order to make better decisions.

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Harness your business data and turn it into actionable insight

The Salesforce Analytics Cloud helps you integrate data from any source to get a holistic view of your business. This way, you can make predictions, identify trends and take more informed decisions. 
We understand the challenges of working with big data and are here to help our customers turn their data into actionable insights.

Powerful analytics in the palm of your hand

With Salesforce Analytics Cloud, you get the ability to design tools and dashboards to analyse your data and create beautiful visualisations that simplify complex calculations into accessible diagrams.

When implementing Salesforce Analytics Cloud, we future-proof the solution as it is designed to handle extreme data loads. Salesforce Analytics Cloud’s technology allows you to explore big data quickly and effectively – turning activities that take conventional analysts weeks to complete into a matter of days.
If you need analytics data on the go, the Salesforce Analytics app is built mobile-first,  ensuring you can always access its insights wherever and whenever you need them.

Our expertise in this field speaks for itself

We work with your team to review your requirements, translating them into an Analytics Cloud solution that makes your data more accessible quickly and effectively.

Our team can deploy the Analytics Cloud and Apps, offering you the right solution for your business.

Unlock powerful insights with Salesforce Analytics Cloud for Sales, Service, and Marketing.

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