Accelerate quotations, orders, and payments with Westbrook's optimised and automated quote to cash solution – streamline your processes to save time and effort, and manpower.

automated quote to cash solution

Streamline quotes and accelerate revenue acquisition

Quote-to-Cash solutions help you access your cash faster. Reduce time and effort spent on invoicing, payments and collections by leveraging our quote-to-cash solutions built on Salesforce Quote-to-Cash alongside Configure, Price, Quote, providing you with the tools that best suit your business needs. 

Eliminating manual processes saves time, money, and resources. Work with our highly skilled team on a quote-to-cash solution which automates and streamlines your organisation’s business processes, from customer inquiries to invoicing.

Recognise revenue opportunities and offer a seamless sales experience

Configure, Price, Quote solutions simplify the process of creating contracts, invoicing and payments, turning them into a single, streamlined process.

Management benefits from significant improvements in oversight, with clear reporting on quotes, orders, invoices and payments. Plus, they have direct control of discounting options and clear guidelines for salespeople.

As a result, salespeople can spend more time ensuring they have a contract that meets customer needs and expectations. And because the solution is cloud-based and accessible, physical location is not a factor in where the deals are closed.


increase in
sales revenue


improvement in
quote quality


improvement in
time to quote


reduction in
rogue discounting


More Deals


Increase In
Deal Size


Increase In
Win rates

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