Field Service

Keep ahead of the curve with innovative field service solutions and processes that save you time, deliver greater efficiency, and drive business results.

Transform your field service efficiency and profitability

Optimising your field service efficiency will increase your revenue opportunities. Increase technician productivity, improve first-time-fix rates, lower your cost to service and do it all with innovative technology from the leaders in field service management solutions.

When the complexities of managing an active field service team start to set in, it is time to start looking at the benefits of changing technology to Salesforce Field Service.

Manufacturers adopting Salesforce Field Service have seen significantly improved revenue with better management of their service contracts. Reduce your warranty and contract leakage and ensure greater revenue and cost-saving opportunities are realised from your service contracts.

Create Service offerings that Increase ROI

80% of the top ‘Service 50’ take a mobile-first approach to field service. Supercharge your field service efficiency by deploying a robust and reliable Salesforce Cloud solution to support and automate your business processes.

The results are clear for all to see. With an average 36% reduction in response time and 40% reduction in travel time compared to on-premise solutions, the Salesforce platform and associated apps provide a clear advantage when competing on service.




Reduction in
field service costs




Reduction In
Average Repair Time


Increase In
Contract Renewals

Our Service offerings

Keep track of each individual client’s service contracts and warranties, allowing dispatchers, engineers & managers to view the service level each customer is entitled to.

You can only manage what you can measure. Gain better visibility across field service operations, tracking key performance metrics and statistics and presenting this information in easily accessible dashboards.

Streamline the entire work order process holding all data in a single application accessible in the field – while removing carbon copies and reducing manual witkarounds and errors.

Utilise your workforce more efficiently, assigning the most effective team to each work order by building schedules incorporating engineer tools, skills and location.

Direct your field service teams to their location effortlessly while building schedules that minimise travel time by grouping similarly located jobs to a single technician.

Connect your service teams to your CRM and back-of-house systems in the field, allowing data entry in the field – and facilitating work orders and comments to be completed on-site.

Deploy reverse logistics systems that provide better visibility of stock levels, reduce the inefficiency created by unnecessary orders, and track excess or ineffective parts.

Build a network between your devices, installed equipment and systems. With Salesforce Field Service, predict when an asset will go down. Create systems for preventative maintenance, increasing your customer’s uptime with your products.

Deep field service experience across multiple cloud solutions

Westbrook’s field service team has extensive experience deploying solutions for large service departments globally. 

We are familiar with a wide range of technologies, including Salesforce Field Service, ServiceMax and ByBox This allows us to select the best system to suit your service operations.

KPI & metric management

Get the complete picture of your Field Service Operations and make decisions using accurate data. Benchmark your performance & provide your service teams with measurable goals.

What can we help you achieve?