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Professional Services

Our professional services solutions ensure that the solutions you implement are properly scoped, project managed, implemented and adopted.

professional services solutions
business transformation and improvements
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You have a vision, we help you drive it

Investing in business and technology improvement programmes can offer great opportunities, but there are also risks involved. That’s why it’s so important to work with a company with a full range of business transformation and improvement capabilities. 

We can help you define the business improvements and changes required to get the most out of your investment and work with you to implement these changes into your business alongside your teams and management.

Delivering sustainable and effective change

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Project Management Office

We will help you set up the right Programme Management Office (PMO) for your programme, whether it is part of a transformation initiative or linked to other programmes within the business.  PMO governance covering resources, budgets, capabilities, timetabling, benefits realisation and risk management is crucial for successful implementation and return on investment. We will work with you to ensure that your programmes are implemented effectively and deliver the results you need.

Implementing Change And Training

We work with you to determine what skills, abilities, and management style will be required to carry out your change programme and help you develop an effective implementation plan that ensures maximum adoption and effectiveness.   Making business changes usually requires more than new skills and abilities before settling into business-as-usual (BAU) behaviours and processes. We work with you to develop and train your teams to acquire the skills and capabilities to maximise your investment.


To carry out business and management changes successfully, careful planning, engagement and communication are needed at all levels of the business.  We will help you implement change effectively and see that business process improvements, management and technology changes are made in your business in an effective way and can be kept up.
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Business strategy and alignment

We understand that pressure can come from all levels when it comes to business processes. Having the right team in place is only part of the solution – working with you, we will use our years of experience and expertise to deliver best practices that will show how to implement this change and how they can positively impact your business.
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Business improvement and managing change

Create opportunities to improve your organisation’s effectiveness and operations. We work with you to define the improvement opportunities and help you implement them effectively alongside your technology enhancements.
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Leadership and business alignment

Our expertise and your leadership collaborate to align the programme with your business strategy and goals.  And we ensure your leadership team has the appropriate governance structure and “C”-level sponsorship to ensure continued support and success. Driving change is a complex undertaking, so we work with you to assess your business readiness and to help implement communication and engagement processes to prepare to ensure maximum understanding and adoption.
Cloud-Based Solutions

cloud-based solutions

With cloud-based solutions, where you keep your property, and tenant data is less of an issue as it lives in a secure, controlled cloud environment accessible from anywhere. And if you’re concerned about security, you can rest easy knowing that our Salesforce solutions for Property Managers are stored safely and securely and will never get lost. 

It also provides tools for tenants to engage with property managers because better tenant-manager relationships drive better business over time. Whether email, telephone, or live chat – better communication is available in a single console. 

Tenants need more than just shelter; they want a relationship with a property manager they can trust. With our Salesforce solutions, you can provide them with the confidence they need and the efficiency you need to focus on growing your property management portfolio.  

What can we help you achieve?