ServiceMax Partnership

ServiceMax Technology Partnership

Westbrook are a leading European ServiceMax Partner

ServiceMax from GE Digital provides a suite of Salesforce applications, optimised for Salesforce1, to deliver end-to-end field service management on a single cloud platform.

We are a ServiceMax implementation partner for the UK and European markets.

We use our experience across the platform to make sure your transition to ServiceMax and Salesforce1 gives you the best possible return on investment.

Our Specialist Expertise

Proven Field Service Expertise

“Westbrook has a proven track record in Salesforce community, and they have brought that same level of quality and professionalism to our mutual clients in field service”
– Blake Wolff , Global Partners ServiceMax from GE Digital

The Westbrook field service team have deployed solutions for some of the largest service departments in the UK & Europe – providing a blend of industry expertise & specialist technical knowledge.

Whether you are new to field service, already using paper-based work order management, or using your own in-house IT systems, our team will guide you through the implementation of a Cloud field service solution.

Our Platform Capability

Mobile Field Service Management

Connect your service teams to your CRM & back of house systems in the field, allowing data entry in the field – allowing work orders & comments to be completed on site.

Work Order Management

Streamline the entire work order process holding all data in a single application accessible in the field – while removing carbon copies & reducing manual errors.

Warranty & Contract Management

Keep track of each individual customer’s service contracts & warranties, allowing dispatchers, engineers & managers to view the service level each client is entitled to.

Field Service Scheduling

Utilise your workforce more efficiently, assigning the most effective team to each work order by building schedules that incorporate engineer tools, skills & location.

Metrics, Reporting & Dashboards

Gain better visibility across field service operations, tracking key performance metrics & statistics & presenting this information in easily accessible dashboards.

Parts & Returns Management

Deploy reverse logistics systems that provide better visibility of stock levels, reduce the inefficiency created by unnecessary orders, and track excess or ineffective parts.

Installed Base Management

Build a network between your devices, installed equipment & systems. Create systems for preventative maintenance, increasing your customer’s uptime with your products.

Route Management

Direct your field service teams to their location effortlessly, while building schedules that minimise travelling time by grouping similarly located jobs to a single technician.

Our Work with QubeGB

We worked with QubeGB to create a mobile workforce management system, using the Salesforce Service Cloud and ServiceMax.

Working with Westbrook

working with Westbrook - document

Our Project Approach

Our depth of experience allows us to bring best practice and advice from a wide range of business functions – and our team have specialist areas of expertise to provide deep platform knowledge.

At Westbrook we put users first to ensure you get the most out of Salesforce – adoption and training are an integral part of our solutions.

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