Service Transformation in the New Normal

Last week Westbrook held a roundtable event to discuss the economic environment that we are likely to be facing in the mid-term, the strategies for managing successful technology programmes through tough times and the experience of actually managing a major transformation project during the lockdown.

Dominic Swords, a leading business economist, Michael Kubel, Senior Director of Salesforce’s Field Service Transformation and Lynn Anderson and Dave Brazewell from QubeGB each gave their different perspectives and discussed the challenges that have already been faced and those that lie ahead.

For a recording of the event please click here.

What was clear from the discussions was that while we are going to face a depressed economic environment, competition for market share will intensify and the option of ‘do nothing’ is probably not an option at all.

There will be winners and losers through a recession with the winners normally being those that maintain, perhaps intensify their efforts to achieve competitive advantage.

Our experience through Covid has shown us that technology enables a different, efficient approach for not only online meetings but for all manner of customer interactions and business processes. From the technologists perspective, making the right choices though requires clear thinking in terms of the leadership, a focus on customer centricity and empowering the organisation. The key however, to successfully navigating these troubled waters is agility, the ability to react when events demand a response.

What matters of course is when the ‘rubber hits the road’ and, as always when managing change, we move from planning to implementing. QubeGB went live with their Field Service Management solution a week or two before Covid hit and reacted quickly. Their agility meant that they have now ridden out the worst of lockdown and are now delivering a 25% increase over pre Covid activity.

While the economic backdrop is uncertain, the digital revolution is not. Covid has moved us increasingly online, illustrating what is possible and accelerating our transformation to a more efficient and effective way of working. It will be those that take up the gauntlet of managing that transformation that will succeed in their competitive landscape.

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