Before Covid-19, the digital transformation was bringing a new level of performance to the service proposition. Applications such as customer portals, configure, price and quote and field service management were enriching the customer experience and delivering a step change in service effectiveness.

Will tomorrow’s agenda though be the same as yesterdays?

During July, Westbrook will hold a series of roundtables to reflect on how the pandemic has affected current service transformation projects and provide some insight on how to respond strategically in these uncertain times.

Working remotely, which is the default now for many managerial and technical roles, it is difficult to gauge how the lockdown is affecting others and what might be the outcome of it all. Planning for an uncertain future often means no planning at all. Such a shock to the system will though, ironically, bring considerable opportunities to galvanise our organisations and businesses.

To help put some perspective to it all and hopefully to inspire us to think through how our organisation can respond in a different world, Westbrook is hosting a series of virtual roundtables to bring insight to those tasked with transforming their service offerings.

Our Service Transformation roundtables will be held in July, with each one focussing on a different market sector. Our guests taking part are a combination of business economists, technology leaders and industry practitioners.

  • The forum will be hosted by Michael Conner, Chief Commercial Officer at Westbrook
  • Michael is a Sales & Marketing professional and has experienced (and importantly come out the other side of) significant recessions; the early 80’s when Thatcher’s Britain was experiencing 20% inflation and UK manufacturing was going to the wall, the early 90s when unemployment rose to over 10% and of course the late 00s when manufacturing output declined by 7%.

  • Dominic Swords will facilitate the discussions
  • Dominic is a Visiting Professor of Business Economics at Henley Business School. He brings a deep and pragmatic understanding of the impact of change on the strategic, operational and financial needs and resourcing of organisations.

    Dominic will offer a perspective on potential impacts on the economy as a whole and individual market sectors and asking how best to prepare now for the future.

  • Michael Kuebel, Salesforce
  • Michael is Senior Director of Field Service Management at Salesforce. Having now held leadership roles in both the manufacturing and technology sectors, Michael is ideally placed to reflect on both how the pandemic is driving change and the promise technology offers to the operational challenges we are likely to face in the future.


  • David Callow, Sedgwick (Financial Services)
  • David is IT Director at Sedgwick, the leading global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions. Sedgwick has nearly 27,000 colleagues, located across 65 countries.

    Sedgwick began its project to deliver an enhanced customer experience and a step change in service efficiency just as Covid-19 began to infiltrate the West. The project is a global solution requiring contributions from each of their global markets and has opened their eyes as to the art of the possible in this new world.

  • Lynn Anderson & Dave Brazewell, QubeGB (Telecoms / Manufacturing)
  • QubeGB’s vision is to be the service provider of choice for field engineering and managed services to the communications industry.

    Lynn’s role at QubeGB is Executive Operations Director, focussed on business strategy and operational performance. Lynn is an experienced leader in operations within many customer centric industries including retail, contact centres and most recently field engineering.

    Dave is Technical Director and an experienced Product & Service Delivery Manager with a history of working in the broadcast and telecommunications industry specialising in consumer networking. Dave has a wealth of experience in IT product life-cycle management and operations.

    Qube made the decision to migrate their field service operations to Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning and went live with their service in February of this year. Challenged with both rolling this out and reinforcing adoption during the uncertain few weeks of lockdown, Dave and Lynn are perfectly placed to talk about the challenges they have faced.

    Times have changed, but the reality is that we are still competing in a competitive landscape.

    Our responses to the New Normal will decide our success and failure and so doing nothing is probably not an option.

    If you would like to be a part of our roundtable series please do not hesitate to register and we will send you comprehensive joining instructions

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