Salesforce System Audit

IT Systems Audit

A system Audit helps you to map out your system & processes from a User & Technical perspective

One of the core advantages of choosing Salesforce is that you subscribe to a platform that is continuously enhanced.

With ongoing 3 x annual releases increasing the power and flexibility of the Salesforce platform, best practices aren’t static – and there are often new approaches and solutions to streamline business processes and drive efficiency.

To keep your system at peak performance, Westbrook offers a range of solutions that help you get the maximum value from your Salesforce investment.

Westbrook System Audit

Three Day System Audit Workshop

The Salesforce Audit focuses on streamlining the way your system operates.

Our team work with you to understand your goals and performance objectives – identifying where system processes may be holding back your success.

We diagnose inefficient, overly complex or time-consuming workflows – informing you how they could be streamlined or automated.

This can lead to significant reductions in manual effort, increasing productivity and your user’s experience.

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Half – Day Workshop

We meet with major stakeholders and users, to review the vision, goals & metrics at work in your system – to understand your strategic objectives and key performance indicators

Analysis & Options

We then spend a day reviewing the set up & usage of the system, in line with the goals and objectives gathered during the workshops.

We review from both a technical and business perspective – to provide you a complete picture of your organisations’ challenges.

Client Review & Findings Report

Once analysis is complete, we provide you an initial analysis of the key issues.

We put all of our findings into a formal report – allowing you to build a roadmap for change and to improvement.

Feedback & Report

We then provide a detailed review, with considerations, recommendations and costings for improving the system.

We help you to understand where problems are being created – and the best solution to solving them.

System Architecture Review

Comprehensive Insight into your system

With a Westbrook System Architecture review we provide a deep analysis of your current system, your strategic objectives and your users’ experiences.

Led by our Certified Technical Architect, and armed with research gathered from across your business, we provide clear, actionable insight to achieving your goals.

On completion, we provide a full report of our findings – with a roadmap of actions to provide a manageable series of incremental changes, to fit your budget and timescale.

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Business Process Review

Un-aligned business processes between countries or territories can create missed opportunities and complex workflows.

To gather this information together and provide a clear 360-degree view of the entire organisation can be challenging – without first having a complete view of your how each of these separate systems interacts with each other, and your business.

Integration Approaches

Without a single instance, connecting systems organisation-wide can provide numerous benefits – but can also seem like a daunting challenge.

Westbrook can make sure that no matter what you require from Salesforce, you can communicate and share vital real-time information across your business.

Through an architecture review, we can identify the integration approach that is right for you – consulting on a programme of change that suits your business model.

App Deployments

Often an application offers the opportunity to overhaul a large part of your systems landscape.

By reviewing your System Architecture, we can provide an approach that helps you transition seamlessly from one platform to another – while helping you manage and communicate the change to your users.

The Institute of Physics

We worked with the Institute of Physics to undertake a system architecture review across their IT landscape.

Led by our Certified Technical Architect, we created a roadmap for moving systems to the cloud over 7 phases – streamlining their operations & creating a roadmap for retiring costly out of date systems.

Common Pain Points

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  • Working with Westbrook

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    Our Project Approach

    Our depth of experience allows us to bring best practice and advice from a wide range of business functions – and our team have specialist areas of expertise to provide deep platform knowledge.

    At Westbrook we put users first to ensure you get the most out of Salesforce – adoption and training are an integral part of our solutions.

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