Salesforce Marketing Automation

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Power smart, targeted & automated Marketing Activity

Deploy Marketing Automation tailored to your business, with Salesforce Pardot for B2B companies & the Marketing Cloud for B2C.

Build marketing programmes that engage with your individual customers, helping to increase the size, velocity and quality of your Sales Pipeline – while tracking the ROI of each campaign to focus your investment where it creates the most value.

Benefits of Salesforce Pardot

Supercharge your Sales Pipeline

Salesforce Pardot provides all the tools you need to manage B2B marketing programmes for organisations of any size.

Identify the right opportunities most likely to create Sales, building grading and scoring models that cater for complex product and service ranges – while tracking the ROI of each campaign to focus your investment where it creates the most value.

Sophisticated automation tools create inbound channels for your prospects, delivering content relevant to their interests, identifying which of your offerings are best suited to their needs and nurturing prospects during the decision making process.


Marketing Cloud

Transform your customer’s experience with your brand

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud re-imagines marketing channels as a single connected system with the customer at its centre.

Campaigns can run seamlessly across email, social, mobile and more – creating journeys that engage with customers wherever they may be. With tracking throughout the system, each customer interaction with your brand is recorded, providing a complete picture of their individual interactions, preferences and interests.

With comprehensive tracking and reporting, you gain clear insight into the ROI of your campaigns – and by continuously optimising activities you can build a brand that connects with your target audience.


Customer Success

Marketing Automation Services

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Project Scope, Design & Build

We provide you with the expert resources you need for end-to-end project delivery.

Whatever your goals, we ensure you have a fully certified Salesforce consulting, development & project management team that can dovetail with your company culture.

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Strategic IT Consulting

We provide the Salesforce expertise, experience & knowledge to guide your Strategic Objectives.

Through our consulting framework, we work to understand your unique challenges – translating them into a Salesforce solution that delivers business value.

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Cloud Solution Roadmap

We assess your current technical capability & your long-term strategic goals, creating a phased programme of change. We take your ideal future system & plot a course to manage the transition a series of manageable actions, milestones & performance measurements to achieving your objectives.

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IT Project Management

For organisations with high levels of Salesforce technology capability, we provide expert project management resources.

Our project managers bring best practice & experience built from numerous implementations overcoming client’s IT challenges successfully.

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System Integration

Our integration Centre of Excellence specialises in creating connected business systems using Salesforce technology.

We are skilled in a range of integration approaches, techniques & third party applications, to tailor our solution to your budget, business objectives & systems landscape.

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Salesforce Support

Westbrook Support provides you fast & efficient access to highly qualified Salesforce Certified Administrator, Consultant & Developer resources as you need them.

Our support offers the flexibility to complete small projects, mentor your team or manage administration tasks through a single contract.

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User Adoption Consulting

We conduct an adoption audit with stakeholders across your organisation, to review how to improve user engagement with your Salesforce systems.

We compile our findings into an adoption review, suggesting areas of improvement to gain the maximum benefit & satisfaction from Salesforce.

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We conduct a systems audit with stakeholders across your organisation, to review how to improve your IT architecture.

Whether you are seeking to move operations to Salesforce, expand your systems capability or make major changes, report on your current systems landscape & interactions.

Our Specialisms

Delivering Seamless experiences across Sales & Marketing

Our Pardot Centre of Excellence specialises in creating solutions that deliver for both Sales & Marketing.

Our team are professionally qualified Marketers, who work in the B2B world using Pardot every day.

We work to create systems where prospects can easily flow between departments & qualification stages – allowing marketing to forward prospects to sales, and for leads that are not ready to buy to be returned for further nurturing.

  • We put tracking at the heart of an implementation – building a complete picture of a prospect’s interests. We create scoring systems that can capture complex product and service lines and provide Sales insight on the best approach.

  • We offer Sales the tools they need to make a connection with prospects quickly, creating 1-1 outreach & collateral templates and building marketing communications that personalise company news and updates.

  • We automate manual tasks, converting successful campaigns into engagement programmes that can be re-used & personalised.
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    Email Marketing

    Email Builder

    Create HTML emails quickly and effectively, with a library of pre-built templates. Alternatively, incorporate your existing emails into Pardot – using tags to create repeatable sections & dynamic content.

    Email Automation

    Build emails to automatically respond to prospects, or as part of Engagement Studio campaigns – tailoring communications by listening to a prospect’s actions or reading data already gathered.

    Email Testing

    Remove the guesswork from designing templates that display correctly across different email clients. Preview your template in popular platforms at the click of a button, ensuring your message is received correctly across desktop & mobile.

    Email Reporting

    Comprehensive reporting tools let you know every detail about your campaign. From the success of list emails to each individual prospects clicks, Pardot provides granular detail on every email sent.

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    Lead Management


    Streamline your activities by using different automation tools to shoulder the workload. Pardot Automation tools are quick to configure, but provide powerful capability to manage business processes across Sales & Marketing.

    Lead Nurturing

    Make sure every Lead arrives at your business in their own time, creating nurturing lists to keep your services front of mind for browsing prospects. Use personalised email sending addresses to continue growing Sales relationships automatically.

    Scoring & Grading

    Use Pardot’s split scoring model to measure a prospect’s interest, and how they compare to your ideal customer. Create custom scoring systems for individual service lines, products & divisions for accurate qualification.


    Analyse your existing prospects database, or quickly segment prospects based on your criteria. Deliver communications that are more targeted and relevant to your prospects based on customer data, activities or scoring criteria.

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    Sales Enablement

    Prospect Tracking

    Pardot tracks prospects activities, interests & interaction with your organisation. Displaying a record of activity in an easily accessible timeline, Sales teams can quickly understand the best solution to offer prospects according to their needs.


    Build automatic notifications into the system, to ensure Sales & Marketing stay on top of their prospect relationships. Design custom alerts for the content likely to convert, prospects with high grading profiles, or other factors time sensitive to your business.

    1-1 Email

    Provide Sales with the ability to track their emails in real time, and take advantage of Pardot’s comprehensive reporting tools. Sales people can choose templates built by marketing, then personalise them to their recipient.

    Assignment Rules

    Simplify the handover of Leads from Marketing to Sales. Tailor lead assignment to your business, by building rules that automatically choose which Salesperson or team receives the lead.

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    Lead Generation

    Website Tracking

    Track visitors to your website with unique cookies, and view their previous activity once they convert. Call-out high priority pages, and build automation around page views for segmentation & scoring.

    Capture Forms

    Create custom forms to capture the data you need. Use progressive profiling to avoid asking a prospect repetitive questions, building an increasing level of detail with each form submission.

    Landing Pages

    Quickly create pages from pre-built templates, or using the drag and drop landing page builder. Allow marketing to deploy pages without needing access to your websites CMS, and use dynamic content that adjusts depending on a prospects data.

    Form Handlers

    Turn your existing web forms or capture tools into tracked Pardot forms with form handlers, and record submissions and activity into the platform.

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    Roi & Reporting

    Campaign Tracking

    Detailed campaign tracking built into the Pardot platform ensures every prospect is matched against a source campaign. A customisable visual overview allows you to quickly prepare campaign performance diagrams to meet your required reporting parameters.

    Lifecycle Reporting

    Pardot tracks prospects as they move through your Sales cycle, showing you how many prospects fall at each stage and the average velocity for a prospect through the pipeline.


    Campaign tracking for PPC allows you to track the value of your advertising, for clear ROI reporting.

    Paid Search

    Integrate Pardot with Search Campaigns to gain complete visibility of a prospects source, the ROI of search marketing efforts and compare the success of each campaign.

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    Social Media

    Social Look-ups

    Quick buttons inside each prospect record, allows you to quickly search common social media platforms for profiles matching your prospect.

    Post Scheduling

    Populate your social media calendar by saving posts, scheduling when they will be published to consistently reach your audience.


    Preview posts on common social media platforms, guaranteeing your messaging meets character limits, image formatting restrictions and overall layout requirements.


    See the success of your social media’s views, likes & shares directly inside Pardot.

    Pardot Quick Start

    Through our Quick Start Programmes, we can get you up and running with Salesforce in under a month.

    Over five or ten days, our experienced team will deliver the core essentials of Pardot. The end result is a system that is ready to use, set up using Westbrook best practice.

    Westbrook Project Approach

    working with Westbrook - document

    Working with Westbrook

    Our depth of experience allows us to bring best practice and advice from a wide range of business functions – and our team have specialist areas of expertise to provide deep platform knowledge.

    At Westbrook we put users first to ensure you get the most out of Salesforce – adoption and training are an integral part of our solutions.

    If required, we also work with a network of design partners to provide streamlined user experiences and advanced mobile design.

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