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Offer your customers the highest quality of support using the Salesforce Service Cloud, the world’s leading customer service technology.

We know what it takes to deliver multi-channel support systems that not only keeps your customers satisfied – but improves efficiency and reduces costs. We design support systems that blend cases, self-service, live chat and feedback tools to create a seamless support experience for both customers and agents.

Benefits of the Service Cloud

The Service Cloud is the world’s #1 support platform.

Service Cloud provides the tools you need to support your customers anytime and anywhere.

Always at the forefront of innovation, capability such as AI assistance & video case support are creating entirely new ways to help customers – while the connectivity of the Salesforce platform provides agents with a complete view of the customers they serve, their purchases or contracts.


Service Cloud Services

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Project Scope, Design & Build

We provide you with the expert resources you need for end-to-end project delivery.

Whatever your goals, we ensure you have a fully certified Salesforce consulting, development & project management team that can dovetail with your company culture.

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Strategic IT Consulting

We provide the Salesforce expertise, experience & knowledge to guide your Strategic Objectives.

Through our consulting framework, we work to understand your unique challenges – translating them into a Salesforce solution that delivers business value.

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Cloud Solution Roadmap

We assess your current technical capability & your long-term strategic goals, creating a phased programme of change. We take your ideal future system & plot a course to manage the transition a series of manageable actions, milestones & performance measurements to achieving your objectives.

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IT Project Management

For organisations with high levels of Salesforce technology capability, we provide expert project management resources.

Our project managers bring best practice & experience built from numerous implementations overcoming client’s IT challenges successfully.

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System Integration

Our integration Centre of Excellence specialises in creating connected business systems using Salesforce technology.

We are skilled in a range of integration approaches, techniques & third party applications, to tailor our solution to your budget, business objectives & systems landscape.

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Salesforce Support

Westbrook Support provides you fast & efficient access to highly qualified Salesforce Certified Administrator, Consultant & Developer resources as you need them.

Our support offers the flexibility to complete small projects, mentor your team or manage administration tasks through a single contract.

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User Adoption Consulting

We conduct an adoption audit with stakeholders across your organisation, to review how to improve user engagement with your Salesforce systems.

We compile our findings into an adoption review, suggesting areas of improvement to gain the maximum benefit & satisfaction from Salesforce.

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We conduct a systems audit with stakeholders across your organisation, to review how to improve your IT architecture.

Whether you are seeking to move operations to Salesforce, expand your systems capability or make major changes, report on your current systems landscape & interactions.

Our Capability

Customised service for your company & it’s customers

Whether you’re implementing a cloud-based call centre, offering video chat support in App, or designing HR systems, we understand the challenges of providing outstanding support – from both a technology and business perspective.

We work with our clients to create complete Customer Service solutions through expert consulting, custom development, and connected applications.

With experience across the full range of Service Cloud features,
you can be sure that every stakeholder in a CRM deployment gets what they need – creating a 360-degree view across your business.

  • Support customers in their own problem solving. Online knowledge bases provide the knowledge to fix issues – reducing the costs of direct support & empowering customers.

  • Connect instantly multi-channel. Whether a customer wants to speak, text chat or video call with agents, we can provide that ‘1 click connection’.

  • Keep in touch with every customer’s issues. With data recorded in the Service Cloud every agent knows a customer’s history – solving solutions faster and avoiding the frustrations of conventional support.
  • Our Specialisms

    We offer integrated service experiences

    Our team embed support into your products, services, and systems – increasing value and customer loyalty.

    User based bespoke development delivers a seamless interface for customers to navigate to a solution, while streamlined case routeing and prioritisation directs them to the best resolution.

    Our focus on user experience allows us to create greater visibility across your service channels – providing metrics that work for your users, management, agents, partners and customers.

    Expand Customer Service Interactivity with Communities

    Offer Integrated In-Application Services

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    small business

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    Service Level

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    online knowledge bases


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    Service Cloud Quick Start

    Through our Quick Start Programmes, we can get you up and running with Salesforce in under a month

    Over twelve days, our experienced team will deliver the core essentials of Salesforce. The end result is a system that is ready to use, set up using Westbrook best practice.

    Westbrook Project Approach

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    Working with Westbrook

    Our depth of experience allows us to bring best practice and advice from a wide range of business functions – and our team have specialist areas of expertise to provide deep platform knowledge.

    At Westbrook we put users first to ensure you get the most out of Salesforce – adoption and training are an integral part of our solutions.

    If required, we also work with a network of design partners to provide streamlined user experiences and advanced mobile design.

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