Speakers for Schools


As Speakers for Schools grew, it became necessary to separate the existing Salesforce CRM into its own separate instance.

This system needed to have custom functionality to cater for different groups of users, such as administrative staff, employment consultants, career advisors, personal tutors and marketing.

Administrators needed to manage very high volumes of data. Data loading tools were integrated with Salesforce – allowing administrators to quickly alter or link large numbers of records.

Employment consultants needed to track and report on Job-seekers. Salesforce stores info on candidates such as submissions, job offers and interviews, in a central mobile accessible location.

Career advisors needed to mentor Job-seekers using ‘Action Plans’. These could be created from a single console that brings together activities, tracking due dates and sending alerts – and printed out as guides for Jobseekers.

With the data available on a single platform, Job-seekers were intelligently matched with local jobs and required qualifications.

Completed in under 30 days, thesystem has transformed the availability of data – providing Job-seekers a more supported service.

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