Scope, Design & Build

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End-to-End Salesforce Project Delivery

We’ll manage your business solution – giving you a seamless solution from scope, design and build through to adoption and beyond.

Because our business is your business, we’ll help you construct a stong and supportable business case – so you get a return on investment that’s sustained, balanced and appropriate for your needs.

Team Capability

The ideal blend of
certified professionals for your project

At Westbrook, we offer a complete team to fit the requirements of your project.

All of our delivery team hold multiple certifications, and we match our consultants specialist skillsets to your project’s needs.

Our team blend our project approach to the culture of your organisation – offering a consulting experience that works with the way you work.



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With Technical Architect Resource leading our Pre-Sales team, our team can accurately assess & estimate the best approach for your project.

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Certified Consultants

Our Consultants provide expert knowledge across Salesforce & partner applications, with specialisms aligned to our Centres of Excellence.

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Engagement Managers

Engagement managers work closely with your team to pro-actively coordinate our resources for on-time & on-budget project delivery.

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Certified Developers

An experienced development team provide support when your solution requires custom code, providing expertise on front & back-end development.

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Application Specialists

Application Architects bring specialist knowledge to our app implementations, supported by developers experienced in Heroku platform solutions.

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Technical Architect

Our Certified Technical Architects offer the highest level of technical expertise & are adept at streamlining complex systems landscapes.

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Training Resources

Westbrook has certified training resources experienced in Salesforce & Partner Applications, delivering both in the UK & Worldwide.

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Industry Advisors

To keep us at the forefront of industry trends & challenges, Westbrook has it own Senior Advisory Board of leading C-Level executives from a variety of industries and roles.

Delivering Multi-Cloud for DSV

“We are very happy working with Westbrook, who helps us getting the full potential from the Salesforce solution.”

– Christian Lundback

Project Approach

Westbrook wisdomTM is our proprietary end-to-end implementation approach.

We take your business solution from ideas through to deployment and adoption – and offer ongoing support.

It provides the basis for you to build a clear business case for Salesforce – helping you get the most out of your investment and state a clear return on it in a sustained and balanced way.

We tailor westbrook wisdom™ to your culture, and can deliver both waterfall and agile approaches.

Each stage of the process is carefully designed to ensure delivery that’s implemented on time, on budget and with well-managed risk.

Wisdom Stages


We delve into the details to get a clear image of your goals, gathering user stories and matching them to system requirements.

Beginning with a kick-off meeting, your lead consultant will work with you to map out the scope of the Salesforce implementation. We translate your requirements into clear actions, providing documentation on how we will build the solution.

If you’re new to the cloud and CRM, our consultant will guide you through the process, delivering a system in keeping with Salesforce best practice. If you are already using CRM or Service systems, your business processes will be reviewed on how best to re-create and improve them in Salesforce.

From this initial engagement, our team will create a series of Requirements within the Statement of Work. This output document provides a list of the work to be completed by Westbrook & the governance of the overall project delivery.


Our team review your requirements, focusing on the best approach to build the business solution.

During the high-level design phase, we will explain the proposed system architecture, and what Salesforce Platform or 3rd party tools are needed within the implementation.

To get the most out of the Salesforce platform, your architecture may require system integration.

Our specialist data & integration Centre of Excellence team will run you through the range of options that suit your organisation, and the time required to deploy them.

Common Salesforce Integrations

  • Connecting marketing tools
  • Integrating ERP or stock management systems.
  • Connecting the platform with custom applications
  • Automating invoicing systems
  • Automating data loading through 3rd party applications

    Each component of your agreed system architecture is designed in detail, broken down into time-line for delivery.

    Working within the WisdomTM methodology, the project then transitions to an Agile project environment, with each sprint starting with a detailed design phase.

    This approach ensures a balance of flexible delivery via Agile Sprints, with an overall progressive approach.

    4. BUILD

    Using the deliverables from the detailed design phase and statement of work, our team begin the build phase of the sprint.

    Our team build, configure and customise Salesforce to create your solution in a Sandbox Salesforce environment.

    This provides a safe and secure environment to ensure your solution is engineered with absolute understanding of both your business issues and your technical environment.

    5. TEST

    To close each sprint cycle, all elements of the solution are thoroughly tested within its Sandbox environment, to ensure stability before further development.

    During the test phase, if another sprint is required to deliver the project, this is then designed in detail, returning to step 4.

    When all sprints are complete, we review your system from both a technical perspective – and then it is available for User Acceptance Testing to ensure your team is happy with the finished system capability.

    6. DEPLOY

    Once your solution has been fully tested and reviewed by your project team, we roll-out in the system environment.

    Your system is ready for use, and Users will be given access for on-boarding & training.

    If you are using a full sandbox, this will also be updated to include the new system configuration – creating a development environment for future improvements or project phases.

    7. ADOPT

    Users are the most important part of any CRM system. With well trained users, they have both the insights & tools they need at their fingertips to drive a projects’ success.

    Westbrook provides a range of training options, including classroom sessions, online training via webinar platform, or a ‘train the trainer’ approach dependant on your budget and requirements.

    Training documentation will also be provided, to help on-board future admins of the system.

    Our Transformation Approach


    “You must define what success looks like or you won’t know if you have achieved it.”

    Success criteria measure what’s important to your stakeholders.

  • Apply SMART principle (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Time Specific)
  • Baseline today’s performance
  • Track and report on progress
  • Ensure Requirement Traceability

    “Good project governance is about effective decision making that focuses on achieving an outcome, realising benefits and delivering value for money.”

  • Single point of accountability
  • Separate project ownership from asset ownership
  • Separation of stakeholder management and project decision making
  • Separate organisational and project governance structures

    “A framework for managing the effect of new business processes, changes in organizational structure or cultural changes within an enterprise.”

  • Win employee hearts and minds
  • Align reward and recognition systems
  • Provide skills
  • Nominate respected change champions
  • Define success criteria
  • Continuously track and refine

    “An uncertain event that can have an impact on the success of a project.”

  • Identify and track using RAID log (Risk, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies)
  • Regular status meetings and reports
  • Defined change management process
  • Defined project governance structure
  • Access to SME’s, stakeholders and applications/systems
  • Appropriate sign offs and separation of duties
  • Shared collaborative tools
  • Westbrook Project Approach

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    Working with Westbrook

    Our depth of experience allows us to bring best practice and advice from a wide range of business functions – and our team have specialist areas of expertise to provide deep platform knowledge.

    At Westbrook we put users first to ensure you get the most out of Salesforce – adoption and training are an integral part of our solutions.

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