In an era where environmental consciousness is no longer a mere buzzword, organisations worldwide are reevaluating their impact on the planet. One such global insurer, in collaboration with Westbrook, has taken a significant stride towards sustainability with the creation of an innovative carbon value calculator seamlessly integrated with Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote).  With a significant investment in Salesforce technology across the business, the client looked to Westbrook for a creative solution that used their existing license investment.  Westbrook developed a groundbreaking solution that empowers them to measure and manage the carbon footprint of their repair operations accurately, all as a seamless extension of their existing processes.

The Driving Forces

The insurer’s commitment to environmental responsibility was twofold. First, investment companies increasingly favour organisations actively pursuing carbon neutrality—a trend that could not be ignored. Second, customer feedback echoed a clear expectation: net-zero carbon emissions and adherence to science-based targets.

Navigating Challenges

With a Global presence and a business model entailing extensive travel and construction work, the insurer faced a daunting task: calculating their true carbon baseline. The lack of detailed data on carbon emissions from building repairs posed a significant hurdle. However, they had an asset—their existing Salesforce CPQ system which they were already using to create schedule of works through to the contractors executing the work; and to track the financial costs of projects. Westbrook was able to extend the functionality of the existing platform to deliver the significant added Carbon Calculator benefit for relatively low additional cost.

Innovation Takes Root

In partnership with Westbrook, the insurer decided on an innovative approach harnessing the robust capabilities of Salesforce CPQ to integrate carbon values into each phase of the assessment and repair journey. This strategic adaptation not only streamlined the process but also ensured precision in tracking the carbon footprint associated with each product and service. Although the first phase of collating the necessary data to measure the carbon impact accurately demanded considerable effort, the payoff was large. The enhanced CPQ platform emerged as a powerful tool, not just fulfilling the insurer’s internal goals but also extending its advantages to partners. It now provides a clear, quantifiable view of carbon equivalent values for repair activities, fostering transparency and accountability. This innovation not only underscores the insurer’s commitment to sustainability but also promises a significant return on investment by positioning them as a leader in eco-conscious business practices.

Quantifying Environmental Impact

By attaching carbon values to each stage of assessment and repair, the insurer has erected a robust framework. Suddenly, the environmental impact of their operations is quantifiable.

The carbon value calculator identifies the environmental impact of each property claim and the related repairs by applying CO2 values to materials, labour and plant. Building on existing tools used to analyse the price of repairs, the carbon value calculator helps insurers understand the cost of each repair — not just in pounds sterling, but in tonnes of carbon.

 Westbrook’s Dual-Cost Perspective

Westbrook was able to seamlessly integrate carbon values into the total cost calculator. Clients now see a dual perspective: monetary value (paint, labour, and the usual suspects) and environmental cost (measured in carbon emissions). For clients aiming at carbon neutrality, this dual-cost system is invaluable. It provides a tangible measure of their carbon footprint, enabling informed decisions about purchasing carbon offsets.

Precision Tracking and Transparency

Organisations can now transparently highlight their sustainability efforts. As tender processes scrutinise green credentials, concrete actions matter.

Conclusion: A Blueprint for Responsible Business

The development of a carbon valuation system within the repair process, coupled with Westbrook’s successful integration, marks a pivotal step towards environmental responsibility. It exemplifies how businesses can innovate to meet the growing demands for sustainability.

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