Is Data Cloud Just For Large Enterprise Organisations?

CDP (Customer Data Platforms) like Data Cloud are the future for businesses, but is it just larger B2C enterprises that can take advantage of Data Cloud?
Well it seems not, Salesforce have priced it in a flexible way to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

Data Cloud does require the support of a Salesforce partner to roll it out and Salesforce has a large partner community who support businesses of all sizes,
so this again shouldn’t be a barrier.

It’s important to be aware that to take full advantage of Salesforce’s Data Cloud you probably should have at least Service, Sales and Marketing Cloud / Account Engagement,
which together can potentially be tricky and costly to support if you are working with multiple partners.

These tools are aimed at businesses of all sizes and with the right Data Cloud, Service, Sales and Marketing Cloud Partner, like Westbrook, Data Cloud can be an ideal investment for any business.