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Drive deeper relationships, greater retention opportunities or far more efficient client engagements with customised solutions from Salesforce – whether you’re a loss adjuster, retail bank or financial service provider.

When your business is more than just numbers

Salesforce solutions for the financial service industry transform the customer engagement experience between clients and their financial service providers. Whether it is a loss adjuster, asset manager or retail banking operation, we have developed solutions for our clients that have provided them with a deeper connection to their customers – and greater retention opportunities. 

Built on the Salesforce Platform, solutions for the financial services industry seamlessly connect to extend your capability across Sales, Billing, and Accounts, and even client engagement and reporting. 

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retail banking

We will help you connect every retail banking experience. Your banking customers expect more from you. We will work with you to develop a solution on the Salesforce platform which provides a seamless, digital-first personalised experience centred around the customer. 

This helps you reduce your operational costs and innovate faster while creating deeper connections. Leverage data and insights within the Salesforce platform to connect with customers when they need your product or service the most. 

Create a valuable picture of each and every client and leverage the data to engage more meaningfully with them and provide swift, seamless onboarding and frictionless service at every touchpoint.

When you work with Westbrook, your customers’ omnichannel experiences are elevated, personalised and future-fit.

Unify Customer Engagement

Personalise Banking Experiences

Futureproof Your solutions

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Asset management

Modernise customer and advisor experiences. 

Reduce operational costs and innovate faster with purpose-built wealth and asset management solutions. Turn customer data into actionable insights so advisory teams can deliver personalised advice that earns customer trust and builds longer-lasting relationships.

We do this by unifying useful data by providing you with an in-depth look at your customers’ financial accounts, goals, relationships, live events, and more, all within a single platform. Empowered with those insights, we help you understand how to put that data to work for you. Ultimately it deepens your customer book and referrals through personalised advice and offerings. 

Loss Adjusters and Claims Management

Insurers are under constant pressure to improve service and increase efficiencies while reducing operating costs. Fortunately, at Westbrook, we know how to leverage innovative technology and have developed a Salesforce solution for loss adjusters in a claims management environment to reduce the lifecycle of a claim, maintain claim accuracy, and improve the experience for customers, contractors and third-party providers.

By leveraging the power of Salesforce CPQ  (Configure, Price, Quote) paired with a Loss Adjusting and Repair Services solution developed on the Salesforce platform, we will guarantee streamlined processes, consistent rules, and improved accuracy in your loss adjustment business. Automating your processes will save thousands of hours of claim time and exponentially improve your policyholder’s experience. 

Choose us when you are looking to maximise your Salesforce investment. Together with Mulesoft, which handles the leg-work, you will improve the efficiency and automation at every step of the claims management process.

What can we help you achieve?