“To know”

      • ”To be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information, have developed a relationship with (someone) through meeting and spending time with them.’’ 
      • ‘’To be familiar or friendly with.” 


    Regardless of whether your organisation chooses simply to ‘be aware’ or advances to ‘be familiar’, both definitions imply the need to ask questions:

        • Do you really know your members?

        • Why did they join your organisation?

        • What do they need from your organisation?

      There is immense value in engaging with members in new and creative ways. Without virtual meetings more common than in-person, and social gatherings you have to work much harder to really know our members.  Communication in the virtual world has its challenges, but it’s much better than no communication at all.

      That’s why Salesforce and Westbrook have been working together to offer a seamless set of options with which you can get to know your members, and we mean really get to know them.

      When you truly know your members you can: 

          • offer them what they want when they want; 

          • suggest what they need before they realise they need it; 

          • and add value to their lives in ways that make them realise how vital membership is.


        Do you understand how technology can help answer these questions?

        Have you invested in delivering a membership experience that delivers increasing value?

        You cannot know your audience unless they are engaging with you. 


        Change is afoot.

        There has been a dramatic uptake in online communities which have become a fixture with all networks. When a membership organisation gets it right, it creates an engaged online community sharing ideas, collaborating, accessing content, serving, and purchasing additional services. The membership organisation who succeeds at this, thrives. And it does all of this whilst providing the Membership Organisation with valuable data to help continuously improve their service offering. 


        So, how do you drive this change?

        Data-driven insight into what resources and news members are engaging with and which assets/services are valued assists you in tailoring your content to meet your member’s needs. 

        Collecting data on when members stop interacting is equally valuable. This allows you to identify issues with your content and to respond accordingly to ensure members find renewed value in their membership.


        Data Aggregation

        Aggregating data surfaces key insights which lead to informed, data-led decisions. Analysing the data reveals demand for new products and services and provides a holistic view of each member’s relationship with the membership organisation.

        When creating a community portal with a single view of the customer, an enhanced membership experience drives more profound engagement, provides better service, and prompts the activities that deliver increasing value to the members. So, when members are your critical success factor and engagement with them is a critical metric there is one question left to answer:

        How well do you know your members?