I spend lots of my time connecting Salesforce to other platforms and systems; the most fun way these days is with some form of API or web-service.

Connecting system-to-system to integrate at a data level is a fairly standard use case, so I was really excited when I heard about the littleBits electronics kits and in particular their CloudBitcomponent; which turns any littleBits input or output circuit that you have built into an internet connected device. Wow, now you can get your own gear out there on the “Internet of Things!”

In the course of my work with Westbrook, I have had a few conversations recently with clients around the concept of integrating devices to salesforce, its an interesting area with a hugh amount of really-quite-do-able potential.

Here I am going to put together a simple example, the requirement is to display data on a connected device that relates to a customer in salesforce. So when I view a Lead in Salesforce I want to display  the weather temperature for their city on an “Old Skool” display unit on my desk!

Luckily I have already build the app that gets my customers weather data (Let’s Talk About The Weather, on the ApExchange) so now the task is to send this data through to my littleBits internet connected device.

The integration architecture will be as follows:

blog - littlebits cloudbit

The key steps are:

  1. Get yourself all the littleBit modules and setup the cloudBit as per the instructions.
  2. Create the callout code in a helper class as per your requirements.
  3. Call the setCloudBit method as you desire, maybe from a Visualforce page onload action as I have done, or from a trigger. Whatever you need.
  4. Done – Your connected device is now on the Internet of things.

A brief demo of my device:

The callout code is as follows:


David Cameron

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