A Salesforce Myth: It’s completely free for non profits…

  My daughter was 18 recently and I gave her a present; a small car – well, it’s really for the family, but it is an extra car on which she can learn to drive. I hope it will survive as a first car for her siblings.  It was a pragmatic decision.  I thought it would […]

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Spring ’15

UPDATES FROM THE SPRING ’15 RELEASE  Salesforce has recently released the Spring ‘15 release notes which detail many new features and improvements across the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud – and the all new Analytics Cloud! Why not take the next few minutes to read through our February blog – and find out how […]

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Connected Devices – Salesforce and the Littlebits CloudBit

I spend lots of my time connecting Salesforce to other platforms and systems; the most fun way these days is with some form of API or web-service. Connecting system-to-system to integrate at a data level is a fairly standard use case, so I was really excited when I heard about the littleBits electronics kits and […]

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Training different business cultures

In the past year I am lucky enough to have travelled a lot for work. It has ranged from the westernmost coast of the United States to the far east of Asia, all in the name of delivering the Servicemax Admin Certification Program. Each country brings with it a unique set of challenges. From forcing down sea […]

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Setting the pace of a Training Session

Every training session presents a challenge. While the material for the Servicemax Admin Certification stays the same, each delivery must differ depending on the audience. Quickly (and correctly!) ascertaining the required information from a group of 15 people you have never met before is no easy task – but an essential skill for any trainer. […]

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LinkedIn Integration – Connect while you sleep!

We all know how fundamental to corporate networking with LinkedIn has become. This applies to all areas of our professional lives, and particularly powerful in getting our sales teams closer to their new prospects, leads and accounts. LinkedIn has also become another administrative overhead, another task on the long list of things that a sales […]

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Authenticating to Yahoo public API’s with OAuth

I love public and open API data sources, they are what makes the web connected and programmable. Sometimes I find an API that is completely open and that makes my life really easy, but often, unfortunately we need to jump through some hoops to get to the free data. Recently I have been integrating to […]

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Push out Salesforce mobile notifications triggers the easy way!

This business is awesome! Thats the cloud, IT, business solutions, implementation, salesforce, mobile and colaboration business of course! Everything is just ticking along fine, and then you spin round and realise that everything has changed! Again! There are a number of fundamental changes I’m noticing here:  Mobile notifications, push, we have easier access to it. […]

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Single-sign-on – Salesforce with Google OpenID

Salesforce now like many other consumer facing authenticated sites, now allows you to login with an alternate account such as your google account. This is provided through OpenID Connect, where we configure an google as the OpenId Identity provider. This is great for many smaller or more progressive organisations that have dumped the Active Directory […]

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