Business Transformation & Managing Change

Supporting & Driving Your Vision

We know that investment in business and technology improvement programmes provide business opportunities as well as business risks.

We have a full range of business transformation and business improvement capabilities to ensure that your investment delivers the business change, improvements and benefits that you have defined.

We can help you define the business improvements and changes to your business processes required to deliver the full value of your investment – and work with you to implement these changes into your business alongside your teams and management.

Delivering Sustainable & Effective Change

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Leadership & Business Alignment

We work with your Leadership team to align the programme with your business strategy and goals, to define the business benefits from the investment and confirm how these will be measured.

We ensure your leadership team have the appropriate governance structure in place and “C” level sponsorship of the programme.

We will help you assess the Business Readiness for changes delivered through the programme, and help to put in the place the necessary communication and engagement processes to prepare the business.

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Business Improvement & Managing Change

These programmes provide opportunities to improve how your business operates and its effectiveness. We work with you to define the improvement opportunities and help you implement them effectively alongside the technology changes.

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Business Strategy Alignment

Business Process Improvements
We work with you to define business process improvements bringing experience, best practice and practical expertise on how to implement and deliver benefits.

Through workshops with your business teams we will define how you can optimise the improvement opportunities and utilise technology changes to capture these benefits.

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Business & technology changes typically impact the organisation in terms of skills, capabilities and effective management of change required to capture improvements and effectiveness gains.

Successfully implementing business and management changes requires planning, engagement and communication throughout the business and management levels.

We work with you to deliver the changes effectively and help manage business process improvement, management and technology changes into your business so they are effective and sustained.

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Implementing Change & Training

We work with you to determine the capabilities, skills and management needs that are required as a result of the programme and plan with you how these are implemented.

Making business changes effective and securing the business benefits typically requires additional skills, capabilities and leadership as a transition to “Business as Usual” (BAU). We work with you to develop and train your teams to acquire the skills and capabilities to optimise your investment.

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Project Management Office

Where your programme is part of a transformation initiative or linked with other programmes within the business, we will provide and work with you to ensure that the necessary Programme Management Office (PMO) capabilities are in place.

In large programmes PMO governance covering – resources, budgets, capabilities, timetabling, benefit realisation and risk management is key to successful implementation and ROI. We work with you to ensure your programmes are implemented effectively and deliver the returns you need.

Westbrook Project Approach

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Working with Westbrook

Our depth of experience allows us to bring best practice and advice from a wide range of business functions – and our team have specialist areas of expertise to provide deep platform knowledge.

At Westbrook we put users first to ensure you get the most out of Salesforce – adoption and training are an integral part of our solutions.

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