ServiceMax Asset 360: Complete Visibility of Assets in the Field

Introducing ServiceMax Asset 360

Field Service is a growing requirement as organisations add to their core products services that;

  • Enhance product value

  • Offer a transformational service performance

  • Provide new and profitable revenue streams

Technology is helping to manage Field Service operations though customer portals to service centres, management of spare parts inventory and the scheduling of service activities.

One of the key components in providing world class field service is control and management of your assets both on-site at your customers and ‘in flight’ within your supply chain.

Defining an Asset

An asset is a piece of equipment, like a wind turbine or a medical device product. It normally has a serial number. It can also be in the form of a building, a property, railway fixings or capital equipment that is rented out.

Asset 360 & Salesforce Field Service

Asset 360 is a ServiceMax application built natively on the Salesforce platform. All data is held on Salesforce and there are no integration requirements with the app itself.

Asset 360 complements Salesforce Field Service by bringing additional features to an asset, specifically the Service Contract/Warranty offering.

Service contracts and warranties are held within Salesforce Field Service with Asset 360 enabling organisations to construct complex and bespoke agreements and ensuring adherence to them when closing a job (work order).

Specifically aimed at high value, complex installations, Salesforce/Asset 360 places the Asset at the heart of the process.

  • The only end-to-end Field Service Management software covering everything from personalised customer care to asset-centric service

  • Leverages Salesforce Field Service native objects and the latest emerging technologies like AI, Einstein and IoT

  • Enterprise-grade security, compliance and governance from Salesforce

By optimising field service operations, customers across all industries can better manage the complexities of service, support faster growth and run more profitable, outcome-centric businesses.

  • Accelerate Time-to-Value: Improve productivity & support asset-centric business processes

  • Reduce Warranty & Contract Leakage at Scale Gain greater visibility into Service Contract and warranty coverages & improve service margins

  • Maximise Contract Attach Rates & Renewals: Monitor the install base to ensure warranty-to-contract conversion while delivering on entitlements & SLA’s

  • Automate RMA/Depot Repair Processes: Efficiently manage returns, meet compliance & lower inventory costs with purpose-built interfaces

Where does Westbrook sit?

Westbrook has a long standing relationship with Servicemax, having implemented their core product multiple times. We also have extensive experience implementing Salesforce Field Service but most importantly we understand what field service means to clients and potential clients.

We have already estimated the duration to implement the Asset 360 product, we can easily do this due to our deep understanding of Servicemax and these extended, enhanced objects that are Asset 360.

Our in depth understanding of both applications allows us to see the unrivalled strength of the combination of the two in addition to providing an unparalleled expertise in defining, implementing and maintaining the combined solution.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management provides an independent view that un-equivably places Salesforce and Asset 360 as leaders in Field Service Management.


The combination of Salesforce Field Service and Asset360 from ServiceMax offers a complete solution for managing asset centric installations.

The net result is lower cost and more efficient service along with the enhanced ability to drive down inventory cost and wastage.

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