The Salesforce Eco-system

Salesforce is more than just a CRM platform: it’s the world’s leading cloud-based ecosystem.

For the last four years, Salesforce has been voted the world’s most innovative company by Forbes – a stunning accolade for a truly cutting-edge business.

Salesforce is a direct investor in Westbrook. With a seat on the Westbrook Board, leaders from Salesforce help guide and direct our proposition and services, as well as giving us a unique window into the Salesforce organisation.

Westbrook also works with partners across the AppExchange to provide specialist solutions to enhance your CRM.

The solutions on AppExchange range in size from quick fixes and internal process enhancements through to large-scale applications that replace business-wide functional applications.

Our experience with these partners allows us to suggest the best solution for your requirements.

Application Partners

Westbrook works with many applications across the AppExchange.

Salesforce is extremely versatile, and these integrated applications can quickly increase the efficiency of your business – allowing your team to concentrate on their key functions.

Clicktools is a CRM integrated survey tool, automating feedback & customer interactions

DocuSign provides digital signatures inside of Salesforce, streamlining contract processes

Drawloop app LOOP allows you to automate your document process entirely in Salesforce is the #1 comprehensive Cloud ERP solution on the salesforce platform

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