Anchor Hanover:
How technology helps us transform the Customer Experience

Housing Associations have faced a tough challenge in 2020 – managing through the pandemic with a vulnerable community while simultaneously being expected to improve governance and business management as the housing sector matures.

Increasingly, the change agenda is being driven partly by a new political, regulatory, and economic context and partly by new business demands, as Registered Providers grow in scale, particularly through mergers and acquisitions. Innovative Housing Associations are turning to digital solutions to transform their business operations so they can keep ahead of these challenges.

When Anchor Hanover was formed in November 2018, with the merger of Anchor Trust and Hanover Housing Association, the ability to identify, document and engage with potential home purchasers was a key gap in their ability to scale their sales operations. Despite being the largest provider of specialist housing and care for older people in England, Anchor Hanover still relied on distributed databases (often in Excel spreadsheets). This lack of a coherent 360 degree view of both existing and potential residents was hampering its ability to reach and serve its customers effectively.

In 2019 Anchor Hanover embraced the Salesforce Cloud based CRM solution to transform their whole Go-to-Market structure. Phillip Hulme, Director of Sales at Anchor Hanover, drove the transformation of their Go-to-Market strategy and plan, starting with a 90% reduction in the cost of lead conversion by moving from national newspapers to a web-based solution.

Today Anchor Hanover has a single ‘source of the truth’ of its sales operations resulting in more efficient and effective operations which also now offer a significantly better customer experience. Customers are now better informed, and easier to do business with.

Phillip Hulme will share his insights and experiences of the Anchor Hanover digital transformation at the next Westbrook Wisdom roundtable on Thursday 22nd October 11:00 – 11:45.

Register below to join Phillip and Westbrook Chief Commercial Officer Michael Conner to discuss the process, lessons and benefits of the transformation.

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