We have made a significant upgrade to the support experience with Westbrook with the introduction of our new customer support portal, a fresh step forward in how Westbrook manages and resolves any support tickets.

The customer portal is designed to empower support administrators with a more efficient and streamlined ticketing process.

From today, all support tickets should be logged via the portal HERE:

1. Follow the link above – you will also find a new tab on the homepage

2.  Log in via your organisational admin account  

​​​3. Fill in a few details and hit submit!

Your ticket will be assessed and routed to the most appropriate subject matter expert to give you the optimal response. 

4. Track and monitor all support cases
You can track the progress of your issue with real-time updates via the portal’s dashboard which offers a clear view of all active tickets, their statuses, and the assigned subject matter experts. This transparency is key to maintaining a smooth operation and ensuring that no request goes unanswered.


Customers who prefer email can make use of our Email to Case functionality which remains a convenient option for initiating support tickets.

By sending an email to servicedesk@westbrook.co.uk, a ticket will be automatically created in the portal, capturing all the necessary details and attachments included in the email.

We are just getting started with enhancing the support experience. In the coming months, we will introduce additional features including advanced analytics, customizable dashboards, and a comprehensive knowledge base that will serve as a repository of information and best practices.

Our Westbrook account managers are available for any questions or guidance or contact us here. We are here to support you every step of the way.