Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement is a powerful suite of solutions. Whether you are thinking of investing or looking to minimise unnecessary costs. With nearly two decades as a Salesforce Partner, and extensive experience in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement, Westbrook has developed three tips to keep your budget in check.

1.     Plan Like a Pro: Avoid Costly Delays

Some clients purchase Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement before they have properly planned their implementation and a year’s licence fee later and they still haven’t logged on to the platform. Therefore, plan as much as you can before investing with these tips;

  • Upskill Your Team: Empower your staff to make informed decisions about the implementation and purchasing decisions.
  • Plan Your Data Migration, Resources and Cut over plan: Doing your due diligence before, will help you avoid costly delays further down the road.
  • Get an Implementation Partner Early: They’ll help you map out your implementation and set realistic launch dates.

    Don’t worry if you have purchased your MC Engagement licenses already, a good partner will help you to identify a minimum viable solution to get you started as quickly as possible.

2.     Sync Smart: Manage Billable Contact Numbers

Synchronising data between Sales/Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud Engagement is powerful, but watch out for the billable contacts.

  • Keep an eye on your Billable Contact Count – Set up the automated billable Contacts report to keep you updated with this vital information.
  • Create a “Gatekeeper” Field: Use a Boolean field (Yes/No) in Sales/Service Cloud on your Contacts / Leads, to ensure only the ones you need are streaming into the Marketing Cloud.
  • Delete Unwanted Contacts: In Contact Builder enable the Contact delete feature and identify unnecessary contacts before deleting. Although you don’t want to pay for unwanted billable contacts, seek guidance on best practices before deleting anything. See our blog ( > Marketing Cloud) for details.

3.     Invest in Training: Knowledge is Power

Don’t neglect training and treat it as an afterthought! Empower your team to use Marketing Cloud Engagement effectively and with confidence; the power lies in the user’s ability to use it correctly.

  • Tailored Training is Key: Generic training solutions rarely fits all. Invest in customised training, focused on your specific setup and processes.
  • Go Beyond Trailhead: While valuable, Trailhead courses can sometimes cover features you aren’t using so not always the best use of your team’s time.
  • Own Your Instance: Build internal expertise and foster skill development by empowering your team to run Marketing Cloud Engagement themselves.

Follow these steps to transform your Marketing Cloud Engagement implementation into a powerful growth engine. Start saving, achieve more, and get your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement plan in motion today!

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Westbrook is here to help you succeed. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and unlock the full potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement for your organisation.

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