DMG Media

DMG media is a multi-channel consumer media conglomerate whose portfolio of national newspapers, websites, mobile and tablet applications reaches almost 55% of the UK adult population each month.

Westbrook have completed and are currently engaged in multiple projects across our client’s organisation, and 3 examples of our work are listed below;


The project implemented and customised Salesforce Chatter, allowing Sales users to create new pitches directly through the Chatter feed. To increase adoption and enforce awareness of new pitches, users associated to an account or team are automatically updated as to these pitches. Customisation also allows users to visually select pricebooks, by clicking on icons, to support their quoting processes, and attach these to the pitch.


growwhitecog2‘Single Sign-on’

This project enabled outside organisations, involved in the service and support of a number of DMG::Media’s services, to directly access the DMG::Media service cloud. As a product of this implementation, single sign-on was also implemented for selected high level users in the organisation, allowing them to view all three of the organisations Salesforce instances.



adopt‘Embedded Resources’

In order to provide immediate support for the internal IT teams working at DMG::Media, consultants are placed on-site to assist with internal improvements and upgrades to existing processes.

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