westbrook quick start

Want to use Salesforce by next Monday?

We can get you up and running with Salesforce in a week – with no risk and no hidden costs.

Over five days, our experienced team will deliver the core essentials of Salesforce. The end result is a system that is ready to use, set up using Westbrook best practice.

Core Service


  • Business Process Workshops
  • Interviews with Stakeholders
  • Requirements List
  • Design Document
  • Salesforce Org Configuration
  • New Fields
  • Record Types
  • Simple Validation Rules
  • Standard Reports
  • Standard Dashboards
  • System Testing

Typical Timetable

0.5 – 1 days
Workshops & Interviews

0.5 – 1 days

3 days
System Configuration

0.5 days
System Testing

additional features

During the quick start programme your Salesforce instance can be enhanced with additional features.

Each of these customisations are bespoke to your organisation, delivered on a time and materials basis.

Some possible features include:


(test migration, mapping files, full migration)



(email alerts, field updates, tasks)



(& optional training documentation)

Your quick start package

To Get Started

To get started quickly using Salesforce, and see the benefits of running your business in the cloud, get in touch by clicking below.

Our consultants will assess your needs and requirements, suggesting the best way to transform your business.

Additional Packages

Westbrook are currently working with our clients to develop a series of quickstart options.

To ensure maximum value in the fastest possible time, speak with our team today about the range of options for 3, 5, and 7 day packages.

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