Our Centre of Excellence

Salesforce Communities sets a new standard for online community platforms.

It re-imagines every customer touchpoint – from sales and marketing through to service and distribution – as an opportunity to build an amazing, frictionless customer experience.

We’ve been deploying Salesforce Communities since its release. Our team is also experienced with its predecessor, the Customer Portal.
We distilled this knowledge and experience to create our Communities Centre of Excellence.

Our Communities Centre of Excellence team seamlessly blends functionality between CRMs, communities, sites and applications.

Because Salesforce Communities is extremely flexible, our consultants can create solutions to fit your organisation – helping you take advantage of the key features that benefit you most.

We work with numerous commercial and non-profit clients. If you’re interested in learning more about Salesforce Communities, contact us below.

Enhancing Communities

Out-the-box, Salesforce Communities are an effective way to connect your members, but the flexibility of the platform allows significant enhancements.

Gift Aid

Online Payment

Online Content

Automated Document

Advanced Member

Automate Manual


Geographic Segmentation
& Customisation

Mobile Optimised

Enhanced Membership

Using Online Portals?

Web-Service Portals

Portals are largely record-centric areas, focusing on capturing static records and data.

Salesforce Communities goes one step beyond this – and focuses on connections.

Using the best features of popular social networks, Salesforce Communities is feed based to guarantee increased interaction and productivity.

Salesforce Communities is also mobile accessible, so you can log in anywhere.

To learn more about creating a collaborative and engaging mobile-ready experience for your customers and partners, please get in touch.

Salesforce Portals

If you have a Partner Portal or Customer Portal, you can migrate to Salesforce Communities to take advantage of the great new features it provides.

Although there is no end-of-life date for the current portal, portals are static features, while Salesforce Communities is continuously improved.

On top of this, licensed portals can upgrade to Salesforce Communities without additional fees.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you transform your existing portal into a cutting-edge digital community.

Communities Projects

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